Our Story Begins
The Love of the Game

The Japan Retired Foreign Player Association (JRFPA) was founded by William Brooks and serves as a non-profit association.  Our organization is comprised of a great team of former foreign-born professional baseball players of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).  Our association is one-of-a-kind in Japan.  We reach out to the community at large to build bridges of interactions between our player members and partnering organizations.  

Often these exchanges create memorable and meaningful experiences for all parties involved.  We understand that players often maintain a love for the game long after they retire.  It is our aim to transfer that love to productive activities linked to the game they’ve sacrificed so much time towards.

Connecting Players With Opportunities After Retirement

After players retire, sometimes their lives have a void that is difficult to fill. The competitive nature, work ethic, and camaraderie of the game stays a part of them long after their professional playing years have passed. Nevertheless, retirees still have much to offer the game.

JRFPA supports retired NPB players by:

1. Connecting them with businesses and organizations who are JRFPA partners

2. Leveraging opportunities between players and businesses for mutual benefit

3. Creating or partnering with events that feature teaching, training, and mentoring with youth and non-professional players

4. Partnering with organizations and businesses that provide fan meet and greet opportunities

JRFPA creates opportunities for former NPB players and coaches who desire to become ambassadors for the development of sports in Japan and throughout the world.


Combining our unique talents to uphold the legacy of the game.

william brooks


William’s love for sports and people inspired him to move ahead with founding JFRPA.  Having a intimate understanding of sports marketing, business relationships, and community outreach.  When building JFRPA, William gathered a dream team of retired players who shared his vision.

ralph bryant


Ralph was a slugger on the field and remains one in life. His addition to the JRFPA has been invaluable. He continually hits home runs for our organization by representing, teaching, and engaging in community outreach programs while sharing the beauty baseball with others.

Carlos mirabal


Carlos has a long record as a commiserate professional in the game of baseball and life. He's played the game for 19 years as a pro, coached players to success, and mentored youths. He brings a tremendous amount of working experience and business acumen to our organization.

Jose Ortiz


Jose's talents in baseball are undeniable. However, few are aware of his magnetic personality, business savvy, unique baseball experiences and generosity. Jose plays a critical role at JRFPA. We are continually pleased with the efforts and insights provided by Jose.