JRFPA, Covid-19 and The Game of Baseball

April 27, 2020

We love the game of baseball.  Nevertheless, the game is nothing without the people who support it, play it, watch it and inspire its progression.  With that noted, JRFPA is keenly aware of the world’s fight against Covid-19 (coronavirus).  From Japan to assorted locations throughout the globe, we’ve received numerous reports about the effect of the disease on the game of baseball and the people connected to it.

Some stories have left us heartbroken.

However, others are hopeful and upbuilding.  We are continuously getting messages of encouragement from government entities, health agencies, current players, baseball aficionados, and of course our own members.  As we move forth to combat Covid-19 as a world community, we caution all to take serious measures to protect yourself, your family, and your immediate community.  

Medical experts all over the world are laboring to find a viable treatment for Covid-19.  All of us can work along with them by being supportive of measures that prevent to potential spread of this pandemic.  At JRFPA, we are practicing social distancing as much as possible.  Our team conducts meetings on online via video conferencing and are seeking novel ways to keep the game of baseball moving ahead.  One way we have been able to do so is by conducting more live conferences between our members and fans (check our Events page frequently for updates).  

Although different countries and communities have nuanced protocols in place, some of the basic ones that should be practice, include:

  • Wearing a face mask
  • Using hand sanitizing methods frequently, especially at public venues
  • Maintaining safe distances from others
  • Staying up-to-date on accurate information concerning the disease

We are anticipating the opening of the baseball season and many of the activities that surround it. Several of our members are looking forward to interacting with fans and organizations connected to JRFPA. We plan to continuously share blogs that cover stories concerning updates about how the coronavirus is affecting baseball. Check back regularly to stay in the know. Lastly, we’d like all of our fans, members, support team, and connected organization know that we wish them the best during this Covid-19 dilemma.  As we race for a cure and for a return to normalcy, remember to stay positive and care for yourself well.

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JRFPA, Covid-19 and The Game of Baseball

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